Planning a wedding is never easy, but planning your wedding in a middle of a pandemic, 1200km away, with family and friends from a dozen different countries makes it all a bit trickier. That's why this couple decided on a Cabo da Roca elopement.

Andrea and Quentin got discouraged and tired, but never gave up on having a happy memory from their wedding.

After a wintery engagement session and getting married in their home country, France, they decide to head for Portugal for a warmer celebration, but once again, restrictions dictated that they and their guests would have a fifteen-day quarantine once arriving which mixed their plans altogether.

Determined on making the most out of their month in Portugal they rested home for the quarantine and after that, it was "all bets are off!!!". Not only they made the most of their final two weeks on holiday but we planned, along with flowers from IntoBloom and Débora, the make-up artist to have the most epic shots we could.

Cabo da Roca and Praia da Adraga made for perfect settings for Andrea and Quentin's elopement: to hug and kiss and dance and exchange emotional vows, closing this chapter in their lives with all the love life has to offer.


If you’re going to get married or engaged in Portugal and want to inquire about my services I would be super happy to hear from you! Send me a message.

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  1. Hello!

    I love your pictures especially in Cabo da Roca. I am looking to find a photographer for my engagement this end of September. I am looking for a cliff,water, beach and green setting and Cabo da Roca looks great. Can you please let me know if you have availability at the end of sept? Thank you


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