Cabo da Roca (Portuguese: [ˈkaβu ðɐ ˈʁɔkɐ]) or Cape Roca is a cape that forms the westernmost point of mainland Portugal.

Situated in the municipality of Sintra, near Azóia, in the southwest of the district of Lisbon.

Notably, the point includes a lighthouse that started operation in 1772.

Stephen contacted me so we could surprise Taylor with a heartfelt and turned photo shoot proposal.

Despite Stephen's nerves, our seamless communication through WhatsApp allowed for a smooth encounter. He thoughtfully shared images of their attire, ensuring easy identification. Later, we exchanged a subtle wink when he walked by while I pretended to capture the scenic landscape.

After the experience here is what he had to say: "Huge shout-out to Rita for these AMAZING pictures but also for helping coordinate and being adaptable to last-minute changes. If you are in Portugal and need a photographer she should be your first call! (And she used to play ultimate, what are the odds??)"

Sintra, Lisbon, and Arrábida are filled with amazing views and extraordinary places for you to have a photo shoot and who knows, even make it into a proposal.

January 2024 update: Also, it is with great pride that I am happy to announce that this photoshoot CABO DA ROCA LISBON PROPOSAL has its feature in The European Elopement Guide! I'm so happy!

Key Tips for Choosing a Proposal Photographer

Capturing the moment of a proposal through photography is a delightful way to immortalize this special event. Here are some valuable suggestions for anyone considering hiring a proposal photographer:

  1. Maintain the Element of Surprise: If you want the proposal to be a genuine surprise, communicate with the photographer about blending in seamlessly and remaining discreet.
  2. Strategic Timing is Crucial: Collaborate with your photographer to plan the timing of the proposal. Discuss specific lighting conditions you desire, such as the enchanting glow of sunset. Timing considerations ensure optimal conditions for capturing stunning photographs.
  3. Be Yourselves During the Proposal: Embrace the moment by being authentic. Take your time, express your feelings, and, most importantly, pretend the photographer is not present. This allows for genuine and candid reactions.
  4. Trust Your Photographer: Have confidence in your photographer's ability to capture the authentic emotions that make the proposal uniquely special.
  5. Extend the Capture Beyond the Moment: After the proposal, allocate some time to capture additional intimate moments and portraits in and around the proposal location. This approach ensures a diverse collection of photos to commemorate the occasion in its entirety.

Choosing a proposal photographer is an investment in preserving the magic of this significant life event. These tips aim to enhance your experience and help you create lasting memories through beautifully captured moments."

Proposing in Cabo da Roca Lisbon or Portugal?

Let me help you out!

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  1. Hello! My girlfriend and I are traveling to Lisbon in late November and I’m planning proposing. I really like the idea of Cabo de Roca and would like to set up a (secret) photographer. The date specifically would likely be the 28th.

    Let me know if this is something you can accommodate!


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