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vibrant and colorful wedding,

lifestyle and family photography

For the bold and fun, documenting the spontaneous, natural and profoundly unique.

- legacy

- vivacity

- expertise

Bright, lively images to highlight the most vivid details of your happiest days.

All about you—the collective moments, shared emotions, and treasured memories. Capturing the beauty and joy of your life events, creating photographs that speak your love language.

Dedicated since 2014 to capturing the unique beauty of each wedding and photoshoot, ensuring your experience is authentic and genuinely reflects your story.

your love is art

Hi! I'm Rita!

Born and raised in Palmela, Portugal, I'm at my most happy making others happy by creating images that will stand the test of time, combining legacy, beauty and joy.

Influenced by the narrative of the documentary and the vibrant beauty of art, I will tell your story through fleeting images in time, capturing what is spontaneous and profoundly unique to you.

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