I met Cati and Miguel in 2018 and had already fallen in love with them. It was this moment when I turned around at the church and saw this moment.

The priest had just married Miguel's brother, and he looks at Cati and without a word. That spoke louder than everyone else in that church. Damn. They stayed in my memory forever.

Little did I know that in 2020 I would get in touch with them to photograph their wedding. Well … I secretly wanted it a lot, but I didn't expect it, I'm honest!

The engagement session in Coimbra brought me to a love story that only exists in movies. And trust me - those a very Notebook kinda movie.

Longtime friends, they went to college together in Coimbra. Each on their own side, but always without straying.

They ended up living together, with other flatmates, but as fate conspired, like in the movies, after a friendship came to love.

And the rest is history, painted to the sound of Disney musicals with Moulin Rouge nuances. I kid you not, we ended the day singing "Your Song".

Their wedding was small and intimate, as the conditions required. But that was not why he was less romantic or emotional.

The magical Mata do Bussaco was the chosen scenario, with details thought to the millimeter, surrounded by the most important people, in an environment and energy that made me believe that soulmates exist, meet and make sparks, every time they look in the eyes each other's.

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    1. Querida Inês! Obrigada pelo teu carinho e apoio. Mal posso esperar pelo vosso dia, também. Tenho a certeza que será igualmente bonito e emotivo! Saudades vossas! Beijo no coração!

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