Getting married in the winter ?!

There is the tradition of getting married in the summer and I understand that perfectly: the warmth is more inviting to party, we can enjoy the outdoor spaces, that gin slides much better in a nice shade. But there is a charm to the unforeseen events of a wedding in November, as was the case with Margarida and André's big day.

The day even started promising but later it ended up raining as bride and groom exited the church, after the must desired kisses and hugs (thank you São Pedro), but that still did not detract from the amazing energy and good mood of the newlyweds and guests who gathered inside the cozy Quinta D'El Carmen, in the heart of Serra da Arrábida.

The advantages of a winter wedding.

The truth is that, at a time when we are unsure of what will happen in the coming time, the postponement of your wedding to the winter months has its advantages:

  • Less stress - at least because there are no rain, wind, excessive heat on an indoor gathering (your hair can thank you later!).
  • More availability and better rates ​​- because they are quieter months, venues and suppliers may have better values ​​to offer you.
  • Cheaper stays and trips - for your guests who come to visit and stay for a few days. Win-win!
  • Something completely out of the ordinary - you can always take advantage of the season to decorate your wedding in autumn tones, using a moodboard like Margarida and André's wedding or even Christmas, like the wedding that I will show you soon. Brides can take chances with other accessories, like a stole or a bolero, not to mention long-sleeved dresses!

Another accessory may be an umbrella. See how we incorporated one into their wedding session on a rainy day!

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  1. Gostei de ver um pouco da Quinta d’El Carmen, que ainda não conhecia. Também gosto muito da edição que dás as fotografias 🙂

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